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“Why we love her work”







“When I first met Talia she was applying for a position as a television reporter and she arrived armed with a copy of the Financial Times, presumably to have brushed up on some business stories making news at the time, and perhaps to a lesser extent, to impress me. Little did I know that she would go on to effortlessly impress not only me, but the global channel as well as our external stakeholders without exception, and just by doing what comes so naturally to her.

I was privileged to be well placed to see Talia grow from a junior reporter just finding her feet; into a master storyteller, weaving words and pictures to create the full context of the story. She was clearly born with exceptional talent, but what is most remarkable is the tireless effort she puts into improving herself, and her abilities. She is her own worst critic, never fully satisfied with the outcome, always reviewing her work, and looking for innovative ways to improve her methods and efficiency.

Her first live broadcast at the World Economic Forum of Africa saw some initial jitters but they soon passed as she captivated her interview subjects, as well as viewers across Africa. No CEO or politician, no matter how powerful, was able to intimidate or throw her off track, and similarly no topic proved too technical or specialized. She was then, as now, accommodating, professional, eloquent and completely in control.

What Talia brings to the projects she tackles is far more than just the sum of the parts. The passion she has for television production extends way beyond the mechanics of creating programs: she applies the same commitment and clear focus to researching the topic, preparing to interview the subjects and painting the piece in post-production. She manages to calm and coax effective answers from even the most reluctant interviewees, complementing their answers with her own individual flavour of commentary to present the full picture. She too is able to elicit 110 percent effort from any production crew or support staff with whom she engages.

One can’t help but feel immediately buoyed and inspired by Talia’s light and energy. She is an absolute joy to work alongside and I truly believe that she taught me far more than any skills I may have transferred to her. Her refusal to fall victim to negativity or complacency is supporting her as she forges ahead in the entrepreneurial space where so many others struggle to stay afloat. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her in the future as I am totally confident that she would add tremendous value to any future project she tackles. She is clearly a young talent to watch as her new ventures find momentum and surpass even her own exceptionally high standards.”

Debbie Sharwood, Former Cape Town Bureau Chief, CNBC Africa